Alpride Airbag Cartridge Set

Black DiamondSKU: BD681336


Easy and cost-efficient replaceable cartridges. One time use only. The cartridges used comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations and are allowed in passenger baggage.


All the details:

  • Work with all Alpride Packs (Scott, Black Diamond)
  • One-time use.
  • 440g
  • Easily replaceable cartridges
  • Comply with IATA (Can fly with them)
  • No maintenance
  • Use for over 50 years in the navy
  • Cartridges w/ life jacket standard
  • VOLUME: Argon Cartridge (26g), CO2 Cartridge (60g)
  • CONSTRUCTION: Compressed argon liquefied CO2 gas working pressure of the cartridge is 17.5 mpa

Our Insider Tips:

  1. Make sure your pack is reset and ready to receive these cartridges before installing. Many packs come NOT ready and you don't want to risk wasting your money having the pack deploy on install.
  2. They say these will pass IATA and be allowed on planes, but we've talked to folks who've had them taken away by TSA agents anyway - heads up!
  3. Alpride is an independent brand, but used by different manufacturers. These work with Scott Packs, Black Diamond, Pieps and Motorfist.

Please note that full cylinders are the only exception to our "Free Shipping" offer. We charge $25 to ship full cylinders to cover the cost of the Dangerous Goods Shipping Charges that we incur. 

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