Frequently Asked Questions

Do you refill cylinders?
Yes.  Avalanche Safety Solutions refills Snowpulse and BCA Cylinders.  We are also an exchange centre for ABS cylinders.
Do you rent cylinders?
Yes. We rent Snowpulse, BCA and ABS cylinders. However, stock is limited. We recommend reserving in advance.
Can you ship me my rental cylinder?
Where can I get my cylinder refilled?
Check out your manufacturer’s homepage – they usually have a list of locations to have it done. Also, check out your local Paintball shop, they have compressed air and the right attachment for Snowpulse and BCA cylinders.
Do you run courses?
No.  However, we do have a list of all upcoming courses here, all with reputable providers.
We’re going into the backcountry for the first time – will you teach us how to use the equipment?
Avalanche Safety Solutions will show you basics of your equipment, including how to deploy it, turn it on/off, switch from send to receive and assemble it. Any techniques on usage and rescue are the responsibility of YOU. We highly recommend taking a course before entering the backcountry.
I found a cheaper price elsewhere – will you match it?
You bet. Show us a lower advertised price and we’ll match it.
Do you service equipment?
Avalanche Safety Solutions will do software updates on Mammut and Pieps transceivers, as well as yearly maintenance checks on Avalanche Airbags (i.e. deploy, check, repack). Please contact us for a current price list.
Can I fly with my avalanche airbag?

Some yes, some no, some places yes, some no!  Generally, we’ll recommend checking with the Airline (look for their dangerous/restricted goods section), but from our experience:

Black Diamond – fine all airlines, all countries

All Others – full cylinders are fine within Canada (Air Canada & WestJet) and Europe, not ok in the US (must fly empty cylinders only, so special plans need to be made for ABS)