Black Diamond JetForce Pro 35L
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The next evolution of Black Diamond’s innovative JetForce Technology – the JetForce Pro avalanche airbag system is now smaller and lighter. It also features Bluetooth capabilities for easy updates.

The JetForce Pro 35L is sleek, technical and the entire system is modular, giving you the ability to attach a 10-litre, 25-litre, 35-litre or 25-litre splitboard booster. This package includes the 35L attachment.


So what’s the difference between Black Diamond’s 3 JetForce Packs?

  • JetForce Pro – The big-ticket pack. Available with 4 aftermarket zip-on covers (10L, 25L, 35L, and a 25L Splitboard). Includes a full fan-powered, battery-charged airbag deployment system. Charge and go. Up to 4 deployments per charge.
  • JetForce Tour – Features a battery-charged supercapacitor. Charge on a micro USB and then keep the charge with 2 x AA batteries. If you deploy the pack, recharge it with the AA batteries in less than an hour. 26L only.
  • JetForce UL – uses 2x tiny sealed cartridges (one argon, one C02). One time use, but super small and light. Can fly with them. Replace the cartridges here.


This pack is available for pre-order. We are expecting to start shipping them by November 20, 2019.

35L zip on attachment included

Rechargeable, travel-friendly and durable deployment system

Bluetooth Connectivity for easy software and system updates with a smartphone

Dedicated avi tools pocket and single ice-ax attachment

Tuck-away diagonal ski carry allows the airbag to deploy while skis are attached.

HiLo helmet holder

Hipbelt stash pocket

Internal accessories pocket

The redesigned leg strap is retractable with easy-to-use carabiner clip for quick attachment