black diamond JETFORCE UL AIRBAG
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The Black Diamond JetForce UL is one of the lightest avalanche airbags on the market, thanks to its innovative Alpride 2.0 cartridge system. By utilizing two small cartridges that combine compressed argon and CO2 gas, they can inflate the 150L airbag in less than 5 seconds.

The weight of the two small cartridges combined clocks in at just 440g. These combined with the sleek 690-gram system makes for an ultralight set up that’s extremely powerful.  The cartridges are also fully sealed, which means they’re travel-friendly.

The JetForce UL Pack is technical and includes a feature set designed specifically for the backcountry. The deploy trigger can be switch to either the left or right shoulder and adjusted for height.  A dedicated avi tool pocket stores your probe, shovel handle, and blade. At 26L, the pack can also store essential gear like extra layers, food, water and a first aid kit.


So what’s the difference between Black Diamond’s 3 JetForce Packs?

  • JetForce Pro – The big-ticket pack. Available with 4 aftermarket zip-on covers (10L, 25L, 35L, and a 25L Splitboard). Includes a full fan-powered, battery-charged airbag deployment system. Charge and go. Up to 4 deployments per charge.
  • JetForce Tour – Features a battery-charged supercapacitor. Charge on a micro USB and then keep the charge with 2 x AA batteries. If you deploy the pack, recharge it with the AA batteries in less than an hour. 26L only.
  • JetForce UL – uses 2x tiny sealed cartridges (one argon, one C02). One time use, but super small and light. Can fly with them. Replace the cartridges here.


Volume: 26L (S/M: 24L)

Weight: 4lbs, 3 oz (M/L), 4 lbs, 6oz (S/M)



  • This product is out of stock, and cannot be purchased.