Black Diamond QuickDraw Carbon 320cm Avalanche Probe
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Black Diamond QuickDraw Carbon 320cm Avalanche Probe

With an extra-long 320 cm length and a light and stiff carbon fiber construction, the Black Diamond QuickDraw Carbon 320cm is the ultimate probe for snow professionals, guides and long trips into deep snowpacks.

Black Diamond’s longest avalanche probe designed for ski guides, patrollers, and those touring in deep snow and glaciated terrain, the Black Quickdraw Probe Carbon 320 is built with a light yet strong carbon fiber construction. The Black Diamond QuickDraw Carbon 320’s updated ferrules make for increased durability and quick alignment, while the integrated stuff sack and non-slip grip make for fast, one-pull deployment in emergency situations.

Things to consider when buying a probe:

  1. Material – the stronger (and heavier!) the material, the more effective it will be at probing. The lighter the probe, the more expensive it gets. Carbon is the lightest (and most expensive), Aluminum is stronger and cheaper, but heavier, Steel is heavy and expensive, but the best at the job.
  2. Length – You’ll see probes ranging from 200cm-320cm. We don’t sell anything less than 240. Successful extractions have been done up to 3m. Keep in mind you’ll need to hold on to the probe as you enter the snow. Longer probes mean more ferrules, so count on them being a bit heavier (but not much) and having more mass.
  3. Assembly – how quick can you get it together and secured (like really secured!) into place? Practice will help, but make sure it’s got an easy lock.

Updated dual Quickdraw speed ferrules make for extremely fast deployment with maximum durability

Rapid deployment stuffsack integrates with the probe’s pull cord for one-pull readiness

Non-slip grip provides secure purchase, even with wet gloves

Oversized, durable alloy tip improves probing sensitivity by creating a hole larger than the probe shaft

High-visibility 1 cm markings

Weight :  278 g (10 oz)

Length :  320 cm (126 in)


“If you’re going to go big (and why not? even if you’re only probing down 2-2.5, the extra grip is helpful), you might as well go light. The carbon makes a big different, especially if you’ve got a bit of extra bulk from the extra ferrule.” – Dan (Backcountry skier)

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