Mammut Alugator Ride Avalanche Shovel
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Mammut Alugator Ride Avalanche Shovel 2.0

The Mammut Alugator Ride Avalanche Shovel is newly updated for 2018-2019.  This aluminum avalanche shovel features the same size blade as the Mammut Guide Shovel, but with a significant weight reduction due to the shorter shaft (44cm collapsed). Includes T-Grip and shovel mode only.

At only 695g, this super-light shovel is ideal for long ski tours, but with the stabilization ribs in the blade, you can count on its durability when it matters. Also note the straight blade back – perfect for cutting snow profiles.

Things to consider when buying an avalanche shovel:

  • Size – does the shaft and blade fit in your pack? (note: the bigger the shaft and blade – the more effective the shovel is).
  • Weight – is it light enough to carry if you’re ski touring?
  • Durability – will it stand up to the rigors of digging through avalanche debris? (note: more durable shovels are inevitably heavier!)
  • Grip: D-grip vs. T-Grip – D-Grips are more ergonomic and will make you a better shovel, but are heavier than a T-Grip.

Length: Collapsed: 61 cm / Extended: 86 cm

Shaft Length: Collapsed: 44 cm

Blade: 27.5 cm x 21.5 cm

Weight: 695 g

Shovel Positions: SCOOP

Hardened & anodized aluminium shovel blade

Oval telescopic shaft with integrated grip zone

Automatic zipper locking for quick, precise guidance during assembly

Ergonomically shaped T-grip for ideal transfer of strength

Space-saving blade design

Stabilization ribs for maximum stability

Sharpened, tilt-resistant blade with integrated steps

Straight blade back – perfect for cutting straight snow profiles

Attachment holes for snow anchor

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