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Designed specifically for snowmobilers, this deluxe first aid kit is incredibly well-stocked and highly durable to withstand the rigors of snowmobiling. An absolute necessity in the backcountry, this kit includes 71 essential supplies to help ensure the safety of your group. Featuring a durable, water-resistant neoprene cover, this is what you need in your tunnel bag or pack.

1x Bandage Scissors

1x Disposable Heat Pack

1x Emergency Blanket 130Cm X 210Cm

4x Latex Gloves

2x Cotton Triangular Bandage

1x Mouth-To-Mouth Mask

6x Alcohol Wipes

6x Dressing Pad 10Cm X 10Cm

6x Dressing Pad(Adhesive) 6Cm X 7Cm

2x PBT Bandage

10x Adhesive Bandage 5.6Cm X 1.9Cm

10x Adhesive Bandage 7.2Cm X 1.9Cm

10x Adhesive Bandage 7.6Cm X 2.5Cm

5x Butterfly Closure

1x Notebook

1x Small Sharpened Pencil

1x Medical Tape Roll 4.5M

1x Elastic Bandage Roll 4.5M

1x Dressing Bandage 18Cm X 18Cm

1x Sterile Gauze Pad 7.5Cm X 7.5Cm

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