Ortovox Pro Alu III Avalanche Shovel
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Ortovox Pro Alu III Avalanche Shovel

Ortovox calls the Ortovox Pro Alu III Avalanche Shovel “the best PRO ALU of all time.” In this latest iteration of an ORTOVOX classic they’ve used the most innovative materials available and cutting edge production methods to achieve the best weight-to-rigidity ratio possible.

Stabilization ribs and high sidewalls give the anodized blade rigidity, while the integrated shaft socket makes it easy to pack. With the new quick-lock, the blade and the fluted telescoping shaft can be put together in one motion.

The new T-Grip Pro is revolutionary. It can be inserted for both right and left-handers – and also facilitates economical clearing. One hand grasps the long grip side, which serves as an ergonomic lever, while the other hand has maximum hold on the shaft’s rubber-coated grip zone.

Things to consider when buying an avalanche shovel:

  • Size – does the shaft and blade fit in your pack? (note: the bigger the shaft and blade – the more effective the shovel is).
  • Weight – is it light enough to carry if you’re ski touring?
  • Durability – will it stand up to the rigors of digging through avalanche debris? (note: more durable shovels are inevitably heavier!)
  • Grip: D-grip vs. T-Grip – D-Grips are more ergonomic and will make you a better shovel, but are heavier than a T-Grip.

Rubberized grip zone T-grip pro with flexible left and right-handed function

Rapid locking without pressing a button

Telescoping handle

Non-slip step grooves

Sharp, protected edge

Pack-friendly 90° clearing function

PRO ALU III Rescue sled function

Compatible with Pocket Spike

Groove-shaped handle cross section

Material: AL 5052 (strain hardened), anodized & AL 6061 T6 (hardened)

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