Pieps C 660 Avalanche Shovel
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Pieps C 660 Avalanche Shovel

The Pieps C 660 Avalanche Shovel with telescopic C-handle is the perfect shovel for effective companion rescue. The shovel guarantees lightweight and optimum stability.

So what’s up with the C-Shape Shovel?

It’s pretty awesome, actually.  Thank about how great a D-Handle is – more shoveling power, better grip. Now think about your gloved/mitted hand and getting your fingers into the D-Grip . Can be a bit squishy, right?  If this rings true to you, you’re going to love the dexterity of the C-Grip.

Things to consider when buying an avalanche shovel:

  • Size – do the shaft and blade fit in your pack? (note: the bigger the shaft and blade – the more effective the shovel is).
  • Weight – is it light enough to carry if you’re ski touring?
  • Durability – will it stand up to the rigors of digging through avalanche debris? (note: more durable shovels are inevitably heavier!)
  • Grip: D-grip vs. T-Grip – D-Grips (or C-Grips!) are more ergonomic and will make you a better shovel, but are heavier than a T-Grip.

Blade Dimensions: 28.5cm x 21.5cm x 6cm

Total Weight: 660g

Rescue sledge function

Hoe function

Non-slip footrest

Rip Stop Pronounced center ridge

Integrated bottle opener

Special surface coating

Sharpened Edges

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