Pieps DSP Sport Avalanche Transceiver
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The PIEPS DSP Sport Avalanche Transceiver is the go-to beacon for the everyday backcountry traveler, offering circular range, a smart transmitter, and three-antenna accuracy in an easy-to-use package.

Simplified and streamlined yet outfitted with all the features needed for fast, accurate searches in the event of a slide, the DSP Sport Avalanche Beacon is as easy to use as it is powerful. With a 50-meter circular range, three antennas for pinpoint search accuracy, and a smart transmitter to aid in fast recovery, the DSP Sport is the go-to beacon for anyone venturing into the backcountry. The included harness-style carrying pouch provides comfortable, streamlined storage and fast removal for beacon practice and emergency response.

Full Pieps DSP Sport Manual

Can be activated by the Pieps iProbe.

Self-check feature tests transmitting frequency, all antennas, amplifiers, processers and batteries each time you power on

3 antennas allow pinpoint searching.

Provides digital maximum range, plus direction and distance indication from the initial detection.

Mark and scan function for additional burials, up to 1 sender.

Recognizes and identifies older devices that can interfere with marking.

Integrated inclinometer for checking slope angles.

Neoprene pouch has a comfortable carry strap and a fast pull system.

Motion sensor for optimized power use.

Antennas :  3

Frequency :  457 kHz (EN 300718)

Power Supply :  3 Alkaline AAA batteries, IEC-LR03, 1.5V

Battery Life :  200+ h in send-mode

Maximum Range :  50 m (164 ft)

Search Strip Width :  50 m (164 ft)

Weight :  200 g (7.1 oz ) including batteries

imensions :  115 x 74 x 27 mm (4.5 x 2.9 x 1.1 in)


“Often people don’t have a huge budget to spend on gear and I get that. Nothing makes me happier than upgrading someone from an old 2-antennae or analog transceiver to the DSP Sport, because I know they’re getting all the features they need (multiple burial indicator, marking function) at a price that they can wrap their head around.” -Tanya (Shop)

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