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Pieps Powder BT Set

The Pieps Powder BT Set is a complete avalanche kit for serious backcountry skiers. This package includes a PIEPS Powder BT avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe. All products are designed for those who use their gear on a regular basis.

This package of high-performance Pieps gear is built for backcountry skiers who spend their seasons skinning and skiing in serious terrain. The PIEPS Powder BT Beacon features an updated user interface and pinpoint accurate three-antenna design, and when combined with the top-of-the-line C-660 Shovel and PIEPS Aluminum 260 Probe makes for a kit perfect for backcountry enthusiasts.

Maximum range (m):  60

Search strip width (m):  60

Dimensions (mm, LxWxH):  118 x 76 x 29

Weight (g, incl. batteries):  220

Power supply:  3 batteries (AAA)

Battery lifetime (min. h) :  300

Receiving frequency (kHz):  457

Transmission frequency (kHz, according to EN300718): 457

Temperature range:  -20°C to +45°C

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