Pieps Pro BT Set
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The Pieps Pro BT Set is a complete kit for guides, avalanche professionals and serious backcountry skiers, this package includes a PIEPS Pro BT beacon, shovel and probe for those who use their gear on a daily basis. 

This package of premium Pieps gear is built for backcountry skiers who spend their seasons skinning and skiing in serious terrain. The PIEPS Pro BT Beacon features a massive search range and pinpoint accurate three-antenna design, and when combined with the top-of-the-line C-720 shovel and PIEPS Aluminum 300 Probe makes for a kit worthy of a backcountry professional

  • PIEPS Pro BT Avalanche Beacon
  • PIEPS C-720  Shovel (Color Red)
  • PIEPS Aluminum 300 Probe (Color Red)