Highmark SPIRE LT Vest Avalanche Airbag
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Color: Black

Our refurbished packs have been fully inspected and are in perfect functioning condition. These packs were provided to industry professionals and professional athletes so that we can get their opinions on how to keep the Highmark Avalanche Airbags the best pack on the market. Refer to the chart below for our grading system.

* You will need to purchase a cylinder from the options below if you don’t have one already.

Here’s some details on the SPIRE Vest.

New for Winter 2016, the SPIRE 3.0 is a revolution in Vest technology for snowmobilers and features the latest in avalanche airbag technology – Snowpulse 3.0.

The SPIRE is unlike any other Vest on the market.  It’s made of a super lightwieght material that reduces weight, increases mobililty and makes for a much cooler experience – temperature wise and otherwise!  The SPIRE includes a Protection Airbag System (the kind that deploys around your neck and chest), meaning that this lightweight vest can provide Trauma Protection in the event of an avalanche unlike any other avalanche airbag on the market.

Refurbished Grade Chart:

A – Mint condition: like new, no tags

B – Light use: small scuff marks

C – Medium use: scuff marks, patches, some freying

D – Heavy use: scuff marks, patches, some freying, small cuts, pack is still usable

Volume: 15L

Weight: 5.99 lbs (2717g) – Includes Cylinder & Airbag

Airbag System:  Removable Airbag System (RAS)

Probe Storage: Interior Probe Sleeve

Shovel Storage: Exterior Handle Holder, Interior Blade Sleeve

Fit: One Size

Buckles: Aluminum & Plastic