BCA Float 1.0 Compressed Air Cylinder (Full)

Backcountry AccessSKU: C1313FLA10010


This BCA Float Cylinder is used with BCA Float Avalanche Airbags.  This is used to operate all pre-2018/19 models, plus all current MtnPro Vests.  Most BCA Avalanche Airbags produced for 18/19 forward use the BCA Float 2.0 Cylinder.


This is for non-current packs. Used for Mtn Pro Vests through 18/19 and most ski packs through 17/18.

Please note that full cylinders are the only exception to our "Free Shipping" offer. We charge $15 to ship full cylinders to cover the cost of the Dangerous Goods Shipping Charges that we incur. 

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