BCA Float Turbo 25L

Backcountry AccessSKU: C1813006010

Colour: Black
Volume: 25L

The BCA Float Turbo is Backcountry Access's most technical avalanche airbag pack for mountain sledding.

Features integration for BC Link radios, hydration sleeve, left or right side trigger mount, fixed leg strap, internal and external shovel attachment, dedicated shovel/probe sleeves, dry main compartment, multiple internal pockets, storm zipper flaps, heavy-duty ballistic nylon base, compression formed back panel with internal support stay, height-adjustable waist belt for torso length, dual hip belt pockets, and fleece-lined goggle pocket. If you are a backcountry snowmobiler, this avalanche airbag pack is for you.


All your nerdy numbers:

  • Volume: 1,525 cu. in / 25 liters (with system installed)
  • Weight (with cylinder): 6.8 lbs / 3,079 g
  • Dimensions: Waist: 160 cm / 63 inches, Crotch: 110 cm / 43 inches, Shoulder: 120 cm / 47 inches
  • Colour: Black Designated avalanche tool compartments and dry main compartment
  • Compression formed back panel with internal support stay
  • Height-adjustable waist belt for torso length
  • Height adjustable trigger mounts
  • Load lifters
  • External and internal shovel carry
  • Fixed leg strap
  • Storm zipper flaps Heavy-duty ballistic nylon base
  • Multiple internal pockets Fleece lined goggle pocket Internal mesh pocket
  • Dual hip pockets
  • The trigger can be swapped between the left and right shoulder straps, allowing the non-trigger side to be BC Link radio/hydration compatible
  • Compatible with snowboard carry attachment

The Float 25L from BCA requires a Float 2.0 cylinder, which you can add on here or buy separately. You can also swap it back and forth from another pack that uses a 2.0 cylinder, but be careful - you can't swap out a 1.0 cylinder into here. Also, we've found that the 2.0 cylinders aren't very easy to get in and out of the pack, so once it's installed, you might find it a pain to take in and out.

As with all avalanche airbags, be sure to check your gauge before you head out each day to ensure you haven't lost any pressure in the cylinder due to a leak.

BCA 1.0 vs. 2.0 Systems:

By increasing the efficiency of their ejector (Venturi) and adding 300 psi to the cylinder, Backcountry Access has made their cylinder 30% smaller and the whole system 20% lighter. In addition to losing weight in the engine and cylinder, the fabrics are lighter and include fewer layers. The cylinder pressure is now 2800-3000 psi instead of 2500-2700 psi.

One huge benefit of the scaled-down ejector and cylinder is that everything now fits inside the airbag compartment, leaving the main compartment free of the cylinder, trigger cable, and air hose hat now occupy BCA Float 1.0 packs. This means you have more useable volume in the pack's main storage compartment. 

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