BCA Scepter Carbon Aluminum Poles

Backcountry AccessSKU: C2005006010


The BCA Scepter Carbon Aluminum Poles are our stiffest adjustable ski touring poles. The Backcountry Access Scraper Grip is designed to be secure and comfortable while keeping your skis snow-free.

Subtly on the grip, you will find the utility hook which makes for an effective binding and boot adjustment while on your excursion - a small yet very functional detail.

Carbon lower + 7075 aluminum upper shaft with a sprayed-on grip texture coating makes for the lightest choke-up grip possible. This keeps you from dragging extra weight up the mountain and saves your legs for what matters most.

  • SHAFT: Carbon lower, 7075 aluminum upper
  • WEIGHT: 10.7 oz / 303 g (single pole)
  • GRIP: BCA Scraper Grip with releasable strap
  • STRAP: Adjustable woven
  • BASKET: BCA Multi-function
  • TIP: Carbide
  • LENGTH: Adjustable 105 cm - 145 cm

How do you adjust the straps on BCA Scepter poles?

The straps are mounted to the pole grip with a cam that rotates around that fixed pin. When you pull up sharply on the strap, the cam rotates off the pin and releases. There is no screw fastening the strap to the grip like there was in the previous generation (those straps didn’t release).

To put the strap back on the grip, put the black plastic cam back in place, and push on the lowest part of the plastic. The first few times it helps to place it against a hard surface when pushing.

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