JetForce Tour 26L

Black DiamondSKU: BD6813240002S_M1

Colour: Black
Size: Small/Medium

The Black Diamond Jetforce Tour utilizes the rapid-discharging, capacitor-based Alpride E1 system, which is a new innovation in Airbag Pack Tech. The Alpide E1 system features a fully-electric, turbine-based fan system powered by supercapacitors. Thus, the JetForce Tour is cartridge/canister-free, making travel easy and charging even easier (charges on micro USB or 2 x AA batteries).

The system is compact and simple to use, with a single on/off switch and blinking status indicator lights that can be visibly checked from the outside of the pack while being worn. Once the pack is deployed, two AA batteries will recharge the capacitors in less than one hour while in the field!

The pack's mechanical deploy trigger can be switched from shoulder to shoulder for customized preference.

The JetForce Tour features a dedicated avalanche safety pocket, which stows the shovel handle, probe and shovel blade. The spacious main compartment store the sleek Alpride system and is easily accessible with a 3/4 length zipper that gives the pack a cool front-loading design.

At 26L, there's plenty of room to stash extra layers, food water and emergency gear. The comfortable hip-belt features a stash pocket and also comes with a standard leg loop.


All your numbers: 

  • Volume: 26L (S/M - 24L)
  • Weight: 5 lbs 9 oz (S/M), 5 lbs, 13 oz (L/XL)
  • Alpride E1 supercapacitor airbag system is cutting-edge, rechargeable, and powerful
  • Charges in less than 1 hour via micro USB or AA batteries
  • Dedicated avy-equipment pocket
  • Spacious front-loading accessory pocket
  • Helmet holder, hipbelt stash pocket and internal accessory pocket


  • JetForce Pro – The big-ticket pack. Available with 4 aftermarket zip-on covers (10L, 25L, 35L, and a 25L Splitboard). Includes a full fan-powered, battery-charged airbag deployment system. Charge and go. Up to 4 deployments per charge.
    • JetForce Tour – Features a battery-charged supercapacitor. Charge on a micro USB and then keep the charge with 2 x AA batteries. If you deploy the pack, recharge it with the AA batteries in less than an hour. 26L only.
    • JetForce UL – uses 2x tiny sealed cartridges (one argon, one C02). One time use, but super small and light. Can fly with them. Replace the cartridges here.
    • Flying Instructions
    • Pack Instructions
    • Black Diamond Warranty Information
    • JetForce Firmware Info



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