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The PIEPS iPROBE II is the successor to the unique PIEPS iPROBE ONE. The electronic probe with an acoustic and visual hit indicator, enables a faster companion rescue

The Pieps iProbe II is the successor to the unique Pieps iProbe. Via the LED screen and speaker incorporated into its top handle, the PIEPS iProbe II avalanche probe gives you both visual and audio cues that can help speed up a rescue. When in use, the tip of the probe detects the signal from a buried rider’s avalanche transceiver, and relay the information to you via the handle. 

When within two meters of the buried rider’s transceiver, an intermittent beep lets you know that you’re in the right ballpark. Once you’re within a mere 50 centimeters, you will once again hear a continuous beep, and the LED confirms with blue lights that you’re right at the source of the signal – at which point it’s time to plant the PIEPS iProbe II in the snow and start digging.

AUTO-SWITCH ON/OFF: The iProbe is automatically switched on when deployed and tensioned and automatically switched off when tension is removed.

MULTIPLE BURIALS: Time-saving through automatic sleep-mode of Pieps beacons with iProbe-support. Transceivers with iPROBE ONE Support: Pieps DSP PRO, Pieps DSP Sport, Pieps DSP (with Software-version 5.0), Pieps DSP Tour, Pieps Freeride, Pieps Pro BT, Pieps Powder BT, Pieps Micro BT



  • Special Kevlar Cable Pull System for extra stability and easy extension
  • Quick-closing latch for reliable locking and efficient assembly of the probe
  • Centimeter scale for reading burial depth and as centimeter measurement for snow profiles
  • Compact fixable with elastic closure buckle Space saving collapsible
  • Tube diameter (mm): 12,50 (7 in total)
  • Length (cm): 300
  • Probe Length (Mechanical + Electonic): 350 cm
  • Weight: 470g
  • Power Supply: 1 Alkaline AA
  • Battery Life: 150 Hours
  • Probing-length (cm, mechanical + electrical) : 270 I 310 I 350
  • Weight (g): 390 | 430 I 470
  • Power supply: 1 Alkaline battery (AA)
  • Battery lifetime (min. h) : 125
  • Approaching range (m): ca. 0,5 - 2
  • Targeting range: max. 50 cm to 0 cm
  • Receiving frequency (kHz): 457
  • Temperature range: -20°C bis +45°C


    • Material - The stronger (and heavier!) the material, the more effective it will be at probing. The lighter the probe, the more expensive it gets. Carbon is the lightest (and most expensive), Aluminum is stronger and cheaper, but heavier, Steel is heavy and expensive, but the best at the job.
          • Length - You'll see probes ranging from 200cm-320cm. We don't sell anything less than 240. Successful extractions have been done up to 3m. Keep in mind you'll need to hold on to the probe as you enter the snow. Longer probes mean more ferrules, so count on them being a bit heavier (but not much) and having more mass.
          • Assembly - How quick can you get it together and secured (like really secured!) into place? Practice will help, but make sure it's got an easy lock.

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