After more than four years of development, PIEPS presents a new, groundbreaking avalanche transceiver that heralds a new era: the PIEPS PRO IPS with 80m search strip width and an especially stable transmission and search performance thanks to its INTERFERENCE PROTECTION SYSTEM (IPS) and DUAL ANTENNA SIGNAL PROCESSING (DASP) technology.

These groundbreaking innovations make the PIEPS PRO IPS the absolute benchmark of avalanche beacons. The Interference Protection System reduces the influence of interference in transmit mode as best as possible. DASP enables unprecedented signal stability during search through simultaneous signal processing of the X and Y antennas.

  • Maximum range (m): 70
  • Search strip width (m): 80
  • Dimensions (mm, LxBxH): 120 x 75 x 24
  • Weight (g, incl. batteries): 212
  • Power supply: 3 Batteries (AAA)
  • Battery life (min. h): 600
  • Receive frequency (kHz): 457
  • Transmit frequency (kHz): 457
  • Temperature range: -20°C bis +45°C
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Update to latest firmware: Yes

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