Warranty & Returns


Avalanche Safety Solutions does not handle warranty claims for the products we sell. To ensure that you get the quickest possible service, we ask that you contact the manufacturer directly in order to start your claim and get you back out there!

We always recommend keeping your receipt for your purchase.  Most manufacturers offer a warranty “from date of purchase” and this is your way of showing that your warranty is still valid.

Below are the best ways to start your warranty claim:


Avalanche Safety Solutions has a 90-Day No Hassle Return Policy.  If you receive your product and find it to be not what you were looking for, we’ll take the product back and refund you entirely.  Here is the process:

  1. Contact Avalanche Safety at 250.344.8606 or to let us know that you’ll be returning the product. If the product involves a full cylinder, we will help you with the shipping process.
  2. Ship the product back to Avalanche Safety. Customer pays for shipping.  If the product involves a full cylinder, Avalanche Safety will pay for the shipping and deduct this cost from your refund.
  3. Upon receiving the product back from Customer, we will call for a credit card number and issue the refund immediately.

Please note that all returned products must be in their original condition with the tags on in order to receive a refund.

If you would like to return a product from a discounted package, we will refund you the package price, less the full price of all the other elements in the package.  Individual items out of a boxed package cannot be returned.  You must return the whole boxed package.