Mountain Lab Snowmobile Ski Pull Strap

Mountain LabSKU: MTN-LAB-SPS


Ok, hear us out on this one. It's a super simple device, but if you're out (getting stuck) in the backcountry, this ski pull strap is a must-have for sledders.

Whether your sled is wedged into a tree well, half-buried in a creek or just super, super stuck, the one-of-a-kind Mountain Lab snowmobile ski Pull is the perfect tool. This Ski Pull Strap is lightweight and extremely packable – it fits easily in your pants pocket so that you can be ready to save the day (or yourself) when the time comes.

Capable of pulling up to 700kg, this strap is easy to use.  Simply pass an end through a snowmobile ski loop and pull on both ends, or girth-hitch it to a ski and have two people pull.  It’s simple, easy and a back-saver when it comes time to pull. A simple solution is often the easiest and safest!

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