Confessions of a Ski Bum | The Bow Valley: Banff to Castle Junction

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  • Roadside Runs (Cascade East and South Faces, Cory Couloir, Goat’s Eye, Slabatha, The Mason’s Mistake),
  • Sunshine Backcountry (Citadel Pass, Quartz Hill, Rock Isle Lake, Larix Lake, Grizzly Lake, Twin Cairns, The Doors, Wawa Ridge)
  • Healy Drainage (Healy Creek Trail, Healy Pass, Bourgeau Meadows, Lost Horse Creek)
  • Egypt Lake (Access/Exit Routes, Healy Pass, Shelter Runs, The Sphinx, Scarab Peak, Pharaoh Peaks)
  • East Verdant Creek
  • Massive Range Roadside (Wolverine Creek, Massive Mountain, Pilot & Brett)
  • Shadow Lake (Gibbon Pass, Shadow Valley, Ball Pass)
  • Copper Mountain, Sawback Range (Cory Pass, Mystic Pass, Rockbound Lake)
  • Traverses

Guest writers include Kevin Hjertaas, Andrew Wexler, Ruari Macfarlane and Kai Seifert covering some the gnarly lines found in this area, including Cascade South & East Faces, Slabatha, The Goat’s Eye, Bourgeau South Face, The Mason’s Mistake and The Cleaver.

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