Highmark CHARGER X Vest

HighmarkSKU: 2610-01782-00381-116

Colour: Black / Sand
Size: L/XL

The Highmark Charger X Avalanche Airbags is designed for snowmobilers. Featuring Snowpulse R.A.S. Technology, full chest and kidney protection and unbeatable reliability in the case of an avalanche

Like the original Charger, the CHARGER X is built for hard-charging snowmobilers who demand full protection to their chests and kidneys.


All the details you need:

  • Volume: 16L
  • Weight: 6.85lbs (with airbag + cylinder)
  • Airbag: R.A.S. (Removeable Airbag System)
  • Inflations System: Snowpulse 3.0
  • Shovel Carry: Exterior Shovel/Blade carry
  • Pockets: one main stow with communication pocket, probe sleeve, first aid pocket. two front zippered pockets
  • Sizing: one size fits most

The Highmark Charger X zips up diagonally, instead of going on over-the-head like it's predecessor, meaning it's super easy to get on and off.

The Charger doesn't feel like a normal airbag - it's meant for mountain riders who are hitting airs and risking bouncing their chests off handlebars, etc. The vest has a hard-ish tek-vest style front - it's a bit like wearing a tactical vest.

We love vests for how they disburse weight and take all the stress off your shoulders and this definitely does that - it's SUPER comfortable. However, be aware that it's an extra layer on your body, so things are going to get warm. Be sure to adjust your jacket accordingly otherwise it's gonna get sweaty.

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