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The Ortovox 320cm+ PFA Avalanche Probe is a professional aluminum probe with sturdy steel cable pull line. Like all ORTOVOX premium probes, the 320+ is delivered with the "PFA" (Professional Flash Assembly) quick-release tensioning system. The probe is stretched within seconds and just as quickly collapsed and put together. The slackening of the segments can be ruled out! The individual segments have a diameter of 13 mm, which makes the probe very stiff and thus accurate. The burial depth can be easily read to allow planning of appropriate shoveling strategies. The grip sleeve made of EVA foam provides the necessary comfort during probing practices. It fits the hand easily and ensures warm fingers.


The successor to Ortovox's quick-assembly system is even Slimmer and more compact than before, while still offering the same proven smooth clamping performance. Thanks to the new quick assembly strap, the Ortovox 320cm+ PFA Avalanche Probe can be assembled straight out of the cover. It can be collapsed by pressing the system cap with your thumb.


The intuitive visual guide system provides you with quick and clear information about the victim‘s depth at all times. You can perfectly adapt your shoveling strategy and save important time thanks to the clear 1m marker, Contrasting Depth Scale and Colourful End Segments. The bottommost segment in neon orange indicates when you are approaching the victim.


The quick-assembly strap makes immediate OPENING AND ASSEMBLY possible IN ONE MOTION, without first having to take the Ortovox 320cm+ PFA Avalanche Probe out of its cover.


The significantly larger diameter of the probe tip compared to the probe elements ensures improved penetration.


All the numbers: 

  • PFA quick-assembly system
  • Steel-cable tensioning system
  • Depth markers
  • Quick-release cover
  • Extendible Visual guide system
  • Rubberized grip
  • Large probe tip
  • Interchangeable tip
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum T6
  • Weight: 430 g / 15.2 oz
  • Length Extended: 320 cm / 126 in
  • Length Collapsed: 44 cm / 17.3 in
    • Material - The stronger (and heavier!) the material, the more effective it will be at probing. The lighter the probe, the more expensive it gets. Carbon is the lightest (and most expensive), Aluminum is stronger and cheaper, but heavier, Steel is heavy and expensive, but the best at the job.
    • Length - You'll see probes ranging from 200cm-320cm. We don't sell anything less than 240. Successful extractions have been done up to 3m. Keep in mind you'll need to hold on to the probe as you enter the snow. Longer probes mean more ferrules, so count on them being a bit heavier (but not much) and having more mass.
    • Assembly - How quick can you get it together and secured (like really secured!) into place? Practice will help, but make sure it's got an easy lock.

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