Mountain Lab Vise Strap

Mountain Lab GearSKU: ML-STR-VS-20-TL

Colour: Teal
Length: 20"

Once you've tried one of these 'do anything' straps, you'll find a million uses for them. They're fast to install and won't ever come loose, ever. Slightly stretchy and super strong, you can rely on these PU straps to lock down just about anything.

Mountain Lab Vise Straps feature a nylon clasp that won't scratch or damage paint or powder coating on your powersports vehicle surfaces. Vise Straps can be wrapped around twice to secure smaller items, or daisy-chained in series to secure larger objects.

We love them for:

  • Securing luggage to adventure and dual-sport bikes
  • Lashing an axe or fire extinguisher to the frame of a UTV
  • Strapping gear to a snowmobile rack
  • Organizing coils of cable and rope


  • Length: 510mm (20")
  • Width: 25mm (1")
  • Thickness: 2.5mm (<1/8")
  • Working Load: 35kg (77lbs)

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